Trekking Routes

Parkur 01

Route 1 / Hızırşah - Karain Cave - Alazeytin - Pork Pit (Swine Buku)

The village in the direction of the north-western city of Knidos Hızırşah started on the old path paved road exits. Stream, there was vomit Örencik River Valley Eagles continue in the direction of return and Karain Cave Stream reached the Chamber. Swine Bükü concludes by continuing south direction in terms of Alazeytin. Swine Bükü mesmerizing views of green and blue touches, extremely convenient for a swim in the sea.

Route 2 / Forums - Kızlan - Gereme Dark - Limanbaşı Cape

Teachers started to walk towards the east. After passing the first left turn from Knidos Burgas road excavation area is being monitored. Windmills on the itinerary's. Along the way you will reach the junction with continued Kızlan village. Gereme Kızlan Bay Village can be reached by continuing north-easterly direction.

Route 3 / Kargi Bay - Pork Pit (Swine Buku)

The climb up the hill from the south west side of Cove pike. Aquarium Bay by passing an old cistern is reached. Winding path down to the pit of pig, watching the sheep surrounded by pine-covered landscape offers an exquisite view from above. Varmazdan cove to the right of the path a few hundred meters before the church, the remains of a small pine and carob trees are found. Route entirely composed of paths. Nested touches of blue and green, pine trees along the walk, accompanied by the unique beauty of nature, a course offered generously.

Route 4 / Cumalı - Karatas Role - Mill Buku

Tractor road from the village to the west and continuing Cumalı geliniyor Karatas locality. Karatas out of locality (the mouth of a three way), turn left and Text village turnoff is reached. Text Village junction, turn right, continue to be. The old water mills along the river's shore and the stream is reached.

Route 5 / Sindh Rural - Zeytincik - Kumyer - Palamutbükü

Flying to the asphalt road down to the village of Sindh Zeytincik quarter. Yürünüyor back on the dirt road to the south by the District of Zeytincik. 5 minutes after leaving the path location of the dirt road. Rising slowly started climbing up the hill. On reaching the end of the climb up the hill, the descent from the beginning Collar, Cumalı and villages Text looks at the same time both the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. In the west, near the meeting point of the hill düzlükle varmazdan Neck Village Quarter, just 2 Kumyer encounters remains of the windmill. Continue on the paved road to the south by Kumyer'den Bükü concludes Bonito.

Route 6 / Emecik - Yellow Port-Apollon Temple

Go to the asphalt road towards the south-east from the village started Emecik exits. Yellow Harbour concludes by leaving the asphalt road going south. Yellow Liman right (to the west) continue to be turning. Switching to continue in the same way and the Temple of Apollo can be reached by asphalt road.

Route 7 / Yazıköy - Belen village (Bethlehem District) - Marin - Bükceğiz Bay - Marin Palamutbükü

Text village of Knidos Belen Quarter sapılıyor asphalt road. After passing through the Belen neighborhood by following the same path, Belen neighborhood, 2 km from the tractor to the right path before arriving at the village cemetery after the return. Turning to the left from where the cemetery of the village fountain-Palamutbükü asphalt exits. Cemeteries are the remains of a church and a mosque. Marin path and the road to the mouth of the three-way intersection of Bonito Bükü point. From this point on the road to the south is going to Bükceğiz Bay. Three-way along the river from the mouth (the mountain direction) direction Palamutbükü come here.

Route 8 / Red Blend - Chaste Buku - Adatepe - Palamutbükü

Starting the Red Bük'ten geliniyor Bükü Chaste. The beach at the foot of the right hand side and continuing Adatepe'nin geliniyor Ova Buku. Adatepe'de A.D. 8.yüzyıldan from the castle's ruins. Ova Buku able to come across the remains of pottery throughout the different periods. Bükü plain at the foot of the mountain panorama along the coast path passing many beautiful coves Bükü concludes Bonito.

Route 9 / Sındıköy - Örencik - Flooring - Oak Pit - Avlana

Kocadağ'ın after starting from the village at the foot of Sindh Örencik'ten Quarter easterly direction from the upper side of the dirt road passing Zeytincik geliniyor Satık cave roofs. 100 m from the main road on foot to the right sapılıyor later. Furniture and Oak Pit neighborhoods were left at the junction continue Damarası reached. Oak Trench Avlana'ya come here.

Route 10 / Hızırşah - Karakoy - Körmen Port

Hızırşah old asphalt road exiting the village. Slit the Mountain West in the direction of the direction of the eastern foothills of here on the basis of the new asphalt paved road left after walking about 500 m to the north neighborhood of Pear Lime Kiln locality, Karaköy can be reached from there. After the walk is completed Karaköy Körmen Bay.

Route 11 / Font Village - Mill Buku - Eştengil Farm - Knidos

After crossing the bridge, the road junction Knidos Text PRD road to the starting point of the stream bed. Continuing along the road to the west. There are the ruins of the monastery reached the last hill to the right of the road to the sea. The sea can be reached by passing through the ruins. Will reach the beach, turn left along the coast of the Bay of sarcosine. Sarcososis Cove, turn left and continue on the road is the path. Plain Eştengil's cisterns. Continued and reached the edge of the ancient city of Knidos Eştengil Plain.

Route 12 / Emecik - Meric - Alavara

Emecik'ten Yokusbasi direction (north) are in progress and will reach here Meric locality. After 200 m, turn right, walking along the beach shore Meric inward entered. Meric neighborhood of apricot again reached the shore. Going to the wound with a south-easterly direction from Peak Hill Alavara Karatas concludes summer house. (Here, if desired, to the east of the Plain of Fazil reachable). Following the summer pasture reverting back to the old way of Datca Alavara locality and Yokusbasi round is completed.

Route 13 / Kızlan - Reşadiye - Güznedüzü / Körmen Port

Flying to the direction of the village of Kızlan Reşadiye with tractor road. And continuing north to Mount Fork neighborhood of the Strait of Günnücek Gökseki left at the junction and then return. After going to the crossroads of three geliniyor approximately 750 m. Güznedüzü'ne this point exits (this is part of the ancient route of the road). If desired, the asphalt road junction is reached by going to the South.

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