Caria Road

Caria civilization has left the track, not the usual tourist centers in their backyards, the greenery of the hills-blue bays, coastal tourist towns, mountain villages, stone-paved paths caravan routes from the Mediterranean Sea to the Aegean from the past from the present and the cultural, historical and natural beauty on a journey full of Karia way to domestic and overseas promotion of the region has an important place in doubt.

Datça Peninsula Walking Route

Datca;is a narrow peninsula, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, nose, Ogee, which ends with the last point is accentuated. 20th Since the beginning of the century in honor of the Sultan Mehmed time passing Reşadiye Reşad peninsula is also known as wood. In town, outside the main settlement, the settlement does not have another one with the largest population of this mountainous peninsula. Is under the protection of a large part of scrub, woodland and rocky peninsula, which has a land hosts many endemic plants, and ibex. Pristine beaches and coves of the settlement have not seen many of this impressive boat up to the present has been the most popular way to explore the peninsula. Karia Road southward and westward route starts rugged Old Datça coves, capes and crossed the tip of the peninsula and in the ancient city of KnidosDeveboynu reaching the lighthouse. Here are some 12 Greek islands can be seen easily. From this point eastward, turning towards the mainland Datca peninsula, almost no route to follow and the narrow strip of the northern part of the settlement which is seen here in Balıkaşıran'a and Cleopatra / Cedar Island is the right way. Starting from the nearby village of Akçapınar perhaps covered with eucalyptus trees, which is one of Turkey's most nostalgic of the ways to follow the path of old Muğla-Marmaris 'Slow City' title ends with a Akyaka.

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