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Datça Peninsula, around the intricate, lace-like. Sometimes it is surrounded by steep rocks, sometimes beautiful beaches, has put the full 52. Some of the bays are located in front of the small islands. Some of them quite large and long sandy coves. Some of the gravel. But it's all clear. Buku Gökçeler on the side facing the Aegean Sea, Small, Roof, Roof, alder, Alavara, Jackal, Droplet, Mersincik, Murdala and sounding the main bays. Körmen harbor ferry dock in this direction. Palamutbükü on the side facing the Mediterranean Sea, Aquarium, Maple Bend, Dry Blend, Ova Buku, Chaste Buku, Red Bend, Pig Buku, Pike, Karaincir, Yellow Port, Black Bend, Farm, Kuruca Bend, Günlücek and Lindos main bays. Located at the very tip of the peninsula, and in front of the city of Knidos Kap Krio Peninsula separates the two seas. Put the two next months and have one. Blue Cruise boats anchoring places from the region. Datça Mediterranean Bays Farm Cove 30 km southeast of the peninsula and Marmaris, Datça, while the county. before. Here, the district, which is the largest holiday resort Aktur Holiday's .. Put back the beleaguered çamlıkla. Put on a sandy beach as well to serve the residents. Have the facility to meet your every need. Aktur regular minibus service center of the county. Kuruca Bend Aktur Holiday Site 1.5 km. Put the near surroundings, surrounded by eucalyptus trees. This place serves the residents of the site to a larger beach. Karaincir Dark 15 km from the town center. away, on the way to Marmaris. Fine sandy beach with shallow water and a very small child, small family is preferred. Eating and drinking and recreational facilities and regular access to the bay is provided Aktur and Karaincir minibuses. Kargi Bay Three miles from the town center. away, easily reached on foot. Northern and southwestern winds, natural beauty and tranquility of the place attractive. The bay with pebble beach, eating and drinking facilities, there is a small berthing place. Mayor private buses running. Plain and Chaste interesting stopping points Two dark mesudiye village close to each other. 20 km from the town center. away. Ranked beach resort has a wide range of accommodation and catering. Chaste Bükü beach sand, gravel-sand mixture is plain that Bükü. Shuttles provide regular transportation to the village community center. Palamutbükü 25 km from the district. Put away the ruins of Knidos's Place there is only 15 km. One of the most famous beaches of the peninsula. The resort also has accommodation facilities as well as eating and drinking. Long beach is a mixture of gravel and sand. West of the beach, there is a shelter for yachts and fishing boats. Gözalabildiğine famous almond trees on the inside of the Datça. Put a small island with a little settlement's deficit. Bonito is trying to pick Bükü. Bay Aquarium Bükü and just one km from the east side of the acorn. away. Put water in a small but famous for its brilliance. Its name comes from here. See the depth of the sea, hundreds of meters, able to watch the underwater life with the eyes of a sea. Put it right next to the pine trees in the sun, providing shade to those runaways, and a picnic. Off northern and northwestern winds. Swine Buku The direction of Knidos by sea takes 45 minutes from the town center. The direction of a small fishing boat can be rented or Knidos, Datca harbor tour boats utilized to regulate. Covered with pine trees around. All winds except the south. Large beach, sand-gravel mixtures. Their places to swim that day-trip boats. Accommodation in bungalows with a small facility. Datça Aegean bays Murdala Dark 38 km from the district center of Datca. Cumalı 10 km from the nearest village. Put away the land from the village next way. Hills and mountains around the bay are covered with pine and sandalwood trees. Olive and fig groves close to the bay there is the flat sections. Part of the beach, the sand, the rocky part. Roof Bays Northeast of the peninsula, 45 km from the district center. from the small roof and the roof covered with pine trees and the area around the bay. 1.5 km from the highway, overlooking the Gulf of Gokova Marmaris bays. Natural harbor view close to the sides of the bay. A reliable anchorage for boats in windy weather. Beaches In short, all the bays are launching beach at the same time. All is possible to swim. But the beach is arranged, the facility has been turned into a place for those looking for a lot of the beach. Including Blue Flag beaches. Here is the well-known beaches of Datca: Hastanealtı Beach Teachers in the center east of the beach, which is named for the back side of the State Hospital in altitude. Sand and gravel are very popular because of proximity to the center of the beach. Food and beverage and accommodation around the beach too. Kızlanaltı Beach Pregnant with a long sand protected area Burgas area between Romp. There is a good beach. A place to surf enthusiast. Domestic and foreign surfing enthusiasts who want to learn the proper wind always prefers the region. Aktur Karaincir and can be reached by minibus. Roses Beach Put the previous Karaincir Cove. Huge sandy beach. More suitable for those who know swimming. Rapid deepening sea. Sandy beach Republic Square in the center of the Teacher's House. Both the beach and the sea bottom sand. The sea is quite shallow. A large number of restaurants and cafes around the beach. When the sun sets and the beach primrose day brings restaurants right on the beach tables. For a good dinner in the open air on the sea consists of a pleasant environment. Stony Beach And Ilica harbor of Datca. The port side of the rocks and the sea, an area of ​​fresh water flowing in this section is less salty. A mixture of gravel and sand. Azganli Beach Stony Beach, one kilometer south direction. Scroll up to follow the path of Weather Radar Command Kargi Bay shore, turn left past the exits. If you continue south to 1.5 km. pristine sea beach in front of us and then a small and cozy. LAKE ILICA In the town center, right next to the sea towards the southwest of Stony Beach, a tiny lake. Quite warm by the sea water containing minerals are beneficial to health. Born in the foothills of the mountain lake is a water source. This created a small pond surrounded by turning walls. Still unbroken connection with the sea. The lake and into the sea under water massage effect yüzülebiliyor exploited the natural shower. Dune Gebekum Black sea region thousands of years ago with a layer of sand dune movements have occurred as a result of the interaction. Five miles from Surf Resort on the island Yolluca. between 200 and 400 meters in length and covers the coastline. Today, under the protection and care is shown to be. Today the dune sand of the sea to feed not remove the sand dune formation emerged as a few thousand years ago, in the view of science is a fossil. A lot of species of plants and animals, as well as dune impression. Trees, shrubs, woody and herbaceous plants identified 85 types. Bulunarak than five plants in future research raised to 90 the number of plant taxa. Dunes identified 19 species of birds.

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