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Welcome to Yağhane!

It is truly a beautiful experience to be welcomed by the smiling faces and lazy cats of Old Datça village laying around pretty streets and charming gardens, which carry fragrance of blooming flowers in each season of the year, and history engraved on stonework unique to this lovely small village. Bougainvilleas, wisterias, citrus and almond trees offer a cool breeze for tired travellers and visitors, far away from the crowd and scurry of the city.

Our building was used as an olive oil press in the old days, and this is why we call it “Yağhane”. It also gave its name to the street next to it. Currently, it is a stone building which has six rooms and designed for you to feel home..

Besides offering you an enjoyable accommodation, we also wish you to pick up various skills that you can take with you and live different colors of life through what we can teach each other. Courses and workshops on yoga, dance, meditation, plants, food, seeds and art take place at our Yağhane. We also organize small events about how to make natural balms, home-made soaps, cheese and composting techniques.

Along these, there are a few things that we like to remind you:

We separate our waste as organic/inorganic; recyclable materials go to a recycling center, while organic waste is composted on the spot. To reduce your waste, you can refill your water bottles from the fountain, free of charge.

Datça peninsula is very dry during summers; we usually don’t see a single raindrop for months. When this is combined with irregularities of current climate behavior, we foresee a serious water shortage for the future. Thus, we keep an eye on our water consumption in order not to exhaust the ecological system that we live in. We practice water-saving techniques in our garden, and try to cut down the amount used for cleaning. Accordingly,

-       Except the cases where you specifically ask, we do our regular room clean-up every 3 days, meaning your sheets and towels will be changed every three days. Please let us know if you have special needs.

-       Our garden is maintained by practices which have positive impact on the environment; we need and expect your sensibility to keep it this way, and to protect it.

-       We do not have air conditioning units in our rooms, due to several environmental reasons.

-       Smoking is not allowed indoors, including the rooms.


Check-out is 12:00 AM. We need this time to be able to get our rooms ready for our visitors.

Breakfast is between 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM, open buffet.

If you’d like to have a taste of our delicious Yağhane dinners, please let us know during the day.


It makes us happy to see you enjoy your time with us. Please contact our staff to pass on your suggestions, requests or wishes. Providing support and finding solutions to your needs are important to us, and we care about everything related to your peace and comfort.


We wish you a pleasant day.   

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Eski Datça Mah. Yaghane sokak No:4
Eski Datça





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